Copper work

Perhaps the most effective and certainly the best value for the money is the copper work of Srinagar. The coppersmith work with a hammer and chisels, and many of the present coppersmiths are men who used once to work in silver. They also work in brass. their designs are very quaint and bold, and they are very ready to adopt any new pattern that may be offered to them. A large demand has arisen for the beautiful copper trays framed as tables in carved walnut-wood, and the carpenter is now the close ally of coppersmith.

The old city abounds with shops where objects of copper line the walls, the floor and even the ceiling, made generally for the local market. Craftsmen can often be seen engraving objects of household utility - samovars, bowls, plates and trays. Floral, stylised, geometric, leaf and sometimes calligraphic motifs are engraved or embossed on copper and occasionally silver, to cover the entire surface with intricate designs which are then oxidised, so as to stand out better from the background. The work, known as 'naqashi', determines the price of the object, as does the weight.

This Kashmiri copper kettle"samovars"(tea kettle of Russian origin) is engraved with designs of the leaves of Chinar (maple) trees, native to Kashmir. The detailed designs in traditional Kashmiri style, reflect the craftsmanship of the skilled traditional coppersmiths of Kashmir. Drinking water stored in a copper vessel, is believed to be beneficial for one's health. Enjoy the benefits of drinking water, tea or any beverage of your choice, from this engraved copper kettle. Combining functionality with aesthetic charm, this Kashmiri copper kettle is sure to enhance the ambience of your dining table.

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